Business Aviation

Business aviation is now mainstream with modern, nimble fleets growing at an amazing pace. Shouldn’t your technology keep up with the times? Legacy hosted systems are just too inflexible and cumbersome and cheap "off the rack" online tools are riddled with gaps and can't be tuned to your operation. ProVerne has paved a new way forward with several business aviation customers to bring industry-leading tools to this sector. From Ops solutions that optimize for crew and aircraft to quality of life tools to help you retain the best in the business, we can take your operation to new levels and achieve previously unheard of utilization.

  • Flights

    ProVerne's Flight Ops Management System is foundational tool for business aviation providers. Designed to allow for easy flight planning and management for your most expensive assets, the Flight Ops system integrates easily with Crew, Maintenance and other systems for a comprehensive management solution.

    But with our tools you can go even further with one-of-a-kind optimization that helps you find optimal routes, and considers a multitude of cost factors for advanced commercial planning.

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  • Crew

    ProVerne's Crew Management System (CMS) brings powerful tools to the world of business aviation.

    Integrated rostering and scheduling, advanced legality forecasting and qualifications management and an unparalled suite of crew bidding tools help CMS stand over and above existing products Imagine handling day-of-ops disruptions with a "manage by exception" approach, quickly shifting to take advantage of new opportunities in a highly volatile and dynamic market.

    And CMS is integrated with ProVerne's winning "quality of life" crew tools including sophisticated leave and schedule tools all provided through the Ascension TEAM mobile platform.

    Just starting out? Our scaled Roster Management System allows you to rapidly automate manual processes and can grow as you do.

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  • Passengers

    As the Business Aviation sector comes more into its own, passengers will demand more sophisticated technology solutions. A wifi connection and some limited content won't create the memorable experience that will have customers coming back.

    ProVerne can bring its extensive Inflight Entertainment and PaxEx experience to create an immersive experience where passengers are remembered, appreciated and anticipated. Systems and Crew work hand-in-hand to provide just the right "touch" for your discerning customers, giving you a massive edge over your competitors.

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  • Dashboards

    You can't manage what you can't measure and ProVerne's dynamic dashboards and reporting tools lead the industry in ease of use and rich visualization.

    We'll work with you to create relevant reports that you can regulary schedule for true data-driven decisionmaking. Select data points from any of ProVerne's systems to spot trends, assess performance and catch issues before they surface.

    Create KPI dashboards or set up your state-of-the-art SOC with displays that provide meaningful data presented in intuitive and informative formats.

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