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Software & Platforms

With our extensive experience in product development, we help bring ideas to life. We do this by using all the latest tools and technologies.

PRISM: Our Unique Product LifeCycle Philosophy

Every product we build goes through what we call the PRISM LifeCycle: Prototype, Realize, Infra, Structure and Marketing. With in-house expertize in each of these stages, we accelerate the path from product idea to implementation.


ProVerne builds a professional and presentable prototype for investors and prospective customers highlighting key features of the idea.


Once traction is built, ProVerne gets the Prototype converted into a fully baked, production-ready system adding one feature at a time. Completeness of the application is given highest priority during this phase.


ProVerne establishes cloud based infrastructure for the application and all associated hardware components, as required. Available and scalability of the application are paramount when defining the infrastructure.


ProVerne creates business structure around the product considering all legal and financial aspects in consultation with idea owners and investors.


ProVerne defines the Marketing and sales plan and uses its associate partner companies to implement the plan.

Product Engineering

We use the right tools and technologies keeping in mind the cost and value addition our products give to customers.


We have expertize in the latest tools, platforms and technologies.

Based on the domain and needs of product we select appropriate technogolies and platforms.
• Native Android, iOS application development
• React Native
• Cloud hosting
• design and prototype tools
• SaaS models
• AI and Visualization using Python, R
• Blockchain platforms
• Internet of things

AI & Data Analytics

No jazzy tools, acronyms or jargons. Just making sense of data and planning actions. Plain and simple.


We understand the data first. Then present it in a form that everyone understands.

We focus on two aspects when it comes to data:

Visualization where we process the data and convert into easy-to-consume formats such as online reports, email alerts, text notifications etc.

Data Analytics where we process the data to come up with predictions. The predictions are also presented in ways that are context-driven and makes decision making easier.