02 Mar 2022

IndiGo stays ahead with the ProVerne's Crew Forecast Legality Tool

For more than two years, IndiGo has tracked and managed crewmember legality using the Ascension Crew Forecast tool. Originally deployed as a Dashboard for Atlas Airlines to monitor FAA 117 and 121 crewmember legality, ProVerne worked with IndiGo to create a robust legality management tool with multiple tailored workflows compliant with rule sets of the Indian Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

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03 Feb 2022

InteliSys - ProVerne – Launch integrated PSS Analytics Tool

ProVerne Solutions and InteliSys Aviation have partnered to create an industry-leading reporting and analytics tool that allows ameliaRES clients to easily visualize and analyze their PSS data and enabling true data-driven decision-making. Branded as ameliaINSIGHTS, InteliSys users can create and share customized dashboards, select from a large base of reports and export data with ease.

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28 July 2021

IndiGo manages crew ramp up with Ascension training tracking solutions

ProVerne Solutions and cornerstone client IndiGo has been partnering for more than a year using the Ascension Training Tracking Management Solution (TTMS) to manage and track crewmembers through training events and accurately predict their availability to enter service.

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22 Jun 2021

Sunwing Airlines extends agreement with ProVerne Solutions for Ascension Products

ProVerne Solutions today announces that Sunwing Airlines, Inc. has extended its agreement for the industry-leading Ascension Vacations and Vacancies Bidding System. Sunwing Airlines was one of the first carriers in North America to commission Ascension products for crew management and the product deployment was done within 12 weeks.

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05 Aug

5 Future Predictions for the Post-COVID Aviation Industry

Given the avalanche of bad news coming from the industry, from job losses to bankruptcies, it might seem too early yet to talk about positives. But without explicitly aiming for innovations and technological advancements, airlines are already undergoing a transformation and it may not be a bad thing in the long run.

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29 Feb

Aviation Fraternity Brainstorms On Big Data & Data Analytics In The Sector

One-day international conference on “BIG DATA, DATA ANALYTICS IN AVIATION & CONNECTED AIRCRAFT” was held under aegis of Aeronautical Society of India – BOM Branch at Thakur Institute of Aviation Technology , Mumbai. Ms Harpreet A. De Singh, Director Air Safety Air India & Chairperson AeSI BOM Branch welcomed the speakers and guests.

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