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Media & Entertainment. Passenger Experience

We provide customizable platforms for airlines that give seamless experience to the passengers whether they are inflight or on the ground.

Our inflight entertainment software and associated content platform provides state-of-the-art features that brings new and creative ways of presenting media to passengers. Our software is available for seat-back monitors, overhead monitors as well as passenger devices (BYOD).

We provide access to extensive ground-based media management software along with administrative and reporting tools that makes managing the IFE systems easier for administrators. Airlines get complete control on the administration and management of hardware, software, media, advertising, usage logs all at one place.

IFE System

Cross-platform, feature rich, flexible and configurable.


Ready to use software for seatback monitors and passenger devices.

A well-thought-out solution evolved with years of experience. A plug and play solution for all platforms including seatback monitors and passenger devices. The IFE system offering contains a range of advanced features that provide airlines multiple options to choose from.

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FlyBase Inflight Platform™

A centralized platform to manage all aspects of InFlight Entertainment systems across fleets.


Put together a delightful and engaging experience for passengers using FlyBase.

FlyBase Inflight platform provides a comprehensive list of feature software modules that can be used to create a wonderful experience on the fixed seat-back monitors, portable tablets and passengers’ personal devices. FlyBase platform not only enables best user interfaces, but also gives end-to-end data management services that drive these modules.
It is a platform that brings to airlines complete control over all inflight entertainment offerings and lends them flexibility and transparency in administration.

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Coming Soon..

If you are a frequent flyer, keep an eye on the launch of this app..

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