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Crew Management Products

ProVerne Solutions, with its suite of Ascension products, provides clean, modern platforms for airline customers to tackle the toughest business challenges. Leveraging the latest technologies to provide data driven tools and decision support, ProVerne’s SaaS offerings help provide deeper insights into your business.

Crew Forecast™

Fatigue management tool to keep track of daily and cumulative duty periods, flight time as well as rest requirements.


We have created a Crew Forecast™ system that takes inputs from popular crew scheduling systems such as AIMS and maintains flight legality status for all crew members in accordance with the appropriate aviation authority regulations.

The product currently supports FAA’s FAR 117 and FAR 121 requirements and can easily be customized to support similar requirements from other authorities such as EASA, CAAC, DGCA.

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Vacation and Vacancies Management System - A bidding system for Flight Crew Members.


Our Vacations and Vacancies Management System provides a completely automated bidding system that is customizable to accommodate all combinations of CBA rules as well as airlines policies. Usage of this product enables airlines to manage vacation and vacancies requirement of their staff members with transparency and ease.

By using VVMS, not only does the airline get to simplify the bidding process, it also helps provide more options to crew members to control and manage their own schedules.

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Ascension Team™

Airlines use different software products for different operational groups. This affects real-time communications between these different groups such as ground operations, flight crew, crew schedulers etc. Even though there are hooks and message exchanges between systems, there is no simple communication platform that can be used by all employees.


We have created a simple, collaborative platform for airline employees that allow employee-to-employee as well as system-to-employee communication. Using Ascension Team™, flight crew, cabin crew, ground operations staff and administration staff can communicate with each other as well as access all required data.

The product creates context specific user groups to ensure that information reaches to the right personnel. Ascension Team™ comes with in-built work-flows to handle majority of transactions involved between airline user groups. It also follows a plugin architecture that provides a simplified process to add new work-flows.

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Operations DASHBOARD™

Airlines use various different IT systems such as AIMS, NavBlue etc. for crew and flights management. These tools provide limited customization for data visualization, dashboards and predictive analytics.


With Operations Dashboard™, we have created a generic reporting platform that consolidates data from various sources and provides customizable dashboards and event-sensitive notification capabilities.

The products comes with inbuilt set of dashboard that cover variety of data points and systems such as crew schedules, crew utilization, legality statistics, training data, base-specific manpower management, flights schedules etc. It also provides different views of data across bases, lines, aircraft types etc. over daily/monthly/yearly timelines. The product also provides completely customizable notification mechanism.

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