Migration & onboarding

Whether you are migrating from a completely paper processes, spreadsheet-based tools or legacy systems, our simple three step migration process takes the pain out of transition and gets you up and running in a matter of days with minimal demands on your in-house IT and Subject Matter Expert resources

1. Import

Our data team analyzes your existing data and define conduits to import your existing data into the new system. If you are using CSVs and XLS files or one of the known products in the market, we will use the conduits that we have already built.
Duration: 3-5 days using one of our existing conduits, 2-3 weeks for new conduits.

2. Test

Once all data is imported, we perform end-to-end tests - first with past data to ensure we are seeing the same results as the legacy systems and then with new data to ensure all functions are present. We also include 4-6 weeks worth of customization effort to fine-tune the systems to your exact needs.
Duration: 2-3 weeks of testing Additional, 2-3 weeks depending on level of customization.

3. Train

Using our online self-learning LMS platform, you canquickly get as many users onboarded as required. An interactive LMS with videos, materials and quizzes, onboarding is a breeze and a base level of proficiency can be established in no time.

Technology & hosting

ProVerne products are offered in the form of Software-as-a-Service and are deployed on Amazon Web Services, allowing us to further guarantee stability and systems security. And, unlike many SaaS solutions, ProVerne tools are device-agnostic and can be accessed through any standard web or mobile browser, eliminating roll-out/upgrade downtime, supporting Crew "Bring Your Own Device", and having NO requirement for additional software or applications to be installed.

Customization & Support

ProVerne’s unique, rapid-prototyping implementation approach gives you a solution tailored to your organization with an amazing time-to-market. Typically you'll see your first iteration in two weeks or less and from there we'll work closely with your team to make sure that layouts, dashboards and workflows all are optimized to your unique operation. With ProVerne, there are no surprises and every engagement is an oppotunity to exceed expectations.

ProVerne stands apart from other providers in that we are on a constant mission to ensure that you are receiving maximum value for your investment. Everything, from the application to payments and administration, is designed to reduce overhead and keep you focused on the business.

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