• Strategic IT and Delivery

    In addition to providing a suite of best-in-class solutions, ProVerne has deep experience in Technology consulting. From building IT teams to executing implementations and integrations.

    ProVerne can help you save time, save money and - most importantly - generate buy-in and enthusiasm for change. ProVerne's proven approach focuses on building relationships, emphasizing execution and results and deliverying with velocity and quality.

    In keeping with our core values, ProVerne will work with your team to optimize every aspect of your projects and instill ownership. We pride ourselves in our ability to extract value in collaboration and in our customer's ability to realize benefits long after we've finished our part.

  • Airline Start Up Provisioning

    Certifications, staffing, commercial planning and so much more occupy the attention of Airline start-ups and too often technology strategy is overlooked or underemphasized. A reliable partner can help you save tremendous up front costs, reduce long-term TCO and establish a scalable technology portfolio.

    Look to ProVerne to help with:

    • Designing and building your in-house IT Team.
    • Determining what (and what NOT) to automate at the time of start-up.
    • Develop growth plans that bring in the right technologies at the right time.
    • Assist in identifying, selecting and deploying technology.
    • Selecting and grooming your Technology and Ops Leaders.

  • Data analytics and warehousing

    Creating the ability to visualize and analyze data is a critical capability for today's airlines, but too often airlines spend millions on costly Business Intelligence initiatives.

    Why is this so?

    • Failure to let Business Owners define and own KPIs.
    • Failure to visualize the application of data with in the confines of the traditionally hectic operating environment.
    • Reluctance to source niche technology skill set providers and leaving IT teams to execute data initiatives in addition to their other duties.
    • Failure to create a maturity roadmap that can introduce, adopt and grow data capabilities.
    • Overbuying technologies.

    ProVerne has worked with industry leaders and innovators to create powerful tools that don't break the bank or require huge internal teams to support and maintain systems. Let's work together to define your data needs, create warehousing and retention architectures and put data in the hands of business users in record time.

  • Crew Quality of Life and Relations

    Taking care of crew is a critical success factor for today's airlines, and engaging in an escalating pay battle isn't enough to attract - and keep - quality crewmembers. ProVerne can work with you to develop and deploy Crew Quality of Life initiatives to create solid, lasting relationships with your Crew teams.

    We can help you:

    • Design programs to engage and include crew to reduce crew/management frictions and build trust and an airline-focused team.
    • Actively seek out opportunities to eliminate information "pain points" that can grow satisfaction and reduce crew call traffic.
    • Support Crew-Management negotiations with an emphasis on building long-term relations.
    • incorporate team-building and growth plans into existing training/development regimens.

    ProVerne has always viewed technology, process and people as a singular system, and our consulting heritage has always emphasized trust and teaming

  • Immersive Passenger Experience

    Few airlines can claim a passenger experience that is seamless and reinforces the brand at every turn. ProVerne's Connected Cabin opens a world of opportunities to connect and engage with your passengers to create a memorable and lasting brand experience. With our network of industry leaders, we can help you:

    • Create an end-to-end passenger arc for a consistent seamless experience.
    • Develop a thoughtful identity of brand and work with your design partners to service that brand.
    • Map out passenger touchpoints (both technology and people) and ensure that the right data is surfaced via the right channels.
    • Developing comprehensive service offering plans that help crews provide a consisting service offering and empowering them to provide high touch service without overwhelming them with data.
    • Developing a full set of KPIs, aggregating data from multiple sources and creating visualizations for near realtime analysis.

    ProVerne's track record of IFE leadership, collaboration and team-building strategies and network of industry innovators can equip you to build a leading-edge experience

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